Not seeing spring butterflies?

If you've got your butterfly garden growing, but not seeing visitors here are 3 things you can do:

1. If you're interested in monarchs, check the Journey North website to see if others have reported seeing them in your region:

Journey North FIRST Monarch Sightings Map

2. when the population is lower in spring, check your milkweed even if you're not seeing monarchs .They often slip in and out undetected:

Hunting for Monarch Eggs

In late June and early July, the population starts to trend upward and your chances of finding Monarch Butterfly Life will grow! In the meantime..

3. Continue to improve your butterfly garden while you are waiting. Sooner or later, it will pay off in with a bounty of butterflies:

Start or IMPROVE your Butterfly Garden

4. Check to see if pesticides have been recently sprayed in your region. Spray treatments for pests (including mosquitoes and gypsy moth caterpillars) can drift into gardens and will be deadly for developing monarchs.