Lost Package?

If you've come to this page, let me first apologize. I know having a package get lost in the mail is frustrating, to say the least. Please refer to the scenario that fits your situation:

Your package tracking says it's delivered...but it's not!

1. Is it possible that someone else in your home or apt building accepted it and forgot to tell you about it? 

2. Please make sure the order address is correct.

3. Please check all entrances to your house to make sure the package isn't hiding

If 1-3 doesn't provide any clue/solution to the issue:

4. Sometimes a package is marked delivered and then mysteriously shows up a couple days later. If the package doesn't show up within 3 business days, a replacement order will be sent free of charge.

5. Take your tracking number to your post office and ask them about it. Often there is an explanation and the problem is resolved.

If you're in dire need of raising supplies, I would suggest using sealed food containers until the replacement cages arrive. More info here:

Sealed Food Containers

No Update on my Package?

If your package gets 'lost in space' with no tracking updates for 5 business days after entering the mail system, let me know and I can reship the order.