Floral Tubes and Racks

See our floral tubes with racks for safely and securely feeding monarch caterpillars:

Floral Tubes and Racks Collection

1. We carry only ONE floral tube size- the fat cat tubes which hold about 50ml water

2. The first version of the tubes come with lids that slope downward and will sometimes fill up caterpillar poop, so this version of lids/tubes is a closeout and on sale:


3. For the new and improved version of the tubes/lids we now offer a flat cap so the lids will not fill up with poop:


4. The Little hole lids fit the fat cat tubes so you can use smaller stem cuttings without fear of baby caterpillars falling through the lid hole:


5. The tube/rack bundle comes with the new 'flat' lids and our short peg racks, which are fitted to securely hold the fat cat tubes and prevent caterpillars from making chrysalides on the rack: