Why don't you sell monarch eggs and caterpillars? Painted Ladies?

There are actually a couple reasons we don't supply eggs and caterpillars:

1. Monarchs need Milkweed 🌿 ðŸŒ¿ðŸŒ¿ðŸŒ¿ to grow and thrive and if you don't have a good supply on hand, you can't support them. I suggest having an ample supply of milkweed before you begin your raising adventure: 

Start a Butterfly Garden

If you don't have the interest or space to create a butterfly garden (or don't have a reliable milkweed supply nearby), I would suggest raising painted ladies instead because they can go through their caterpillar life cycle feeding on artificial diet:

Painted Lady Butterfly Kits

2.  Monarchs bred in mass are more prone to disease (even when taking proper precautions to disinfect) and I've seen others have to shut down operations for an entire season because of ongoing disease issues. Instead, we provide information and tools so you can bring in eggs/caterpillars from your own milkweed and have a better chance to raise healthy monarchs. 🐛🌿🦋

If you still want to order monarchs from a butterfly farm there are a few options available here