Fast Answers to your Raising Butterflies Questions

If you need instant answers to a burning butterfly question, please try the following resources:

Search for Answers Here:

1. Raising Butterflies & Butterfly Gardening FAQS- commonly asked questions and answers

2.  Raising Monarch butterflies Blog Posts- search our website by typing search terms into the ‘search this website’ box and hitting enter.

3. Monarch Butterfly Shop- Find Info & Supplies to help you Raise Healthy Monarch butterflies 🐛🌿🦋

4. How To Raise Monarch Butterflies- a digital guide that takes you step by step through my entire raising process with links to other helpful resources. This book is updated yearly and resent to customers.

Facebook groups are the best place to have ongoing discussions about raising butterflies. These are a few of the best groups I have come across:

Discuss Raising Problems & Solutions Here:

3. Raise More Monarchs, Less Effort- this is our facebook group where customers can post questions, comments, photos, video about their raising experience.

4.  The Beautiful Monarch- this high traffic public Facebook group is an excellent resource for raising discussions and information.

5.  Raising Monarch Butterflies- a second helpful group to answer all your burning raising questions.