Fast Answers to your Gardening Questions?

Replies to gardening questions can sometimes take a week or longer. If you need instant answers and can’t find the solution in our DOCS, please try the following resources:

1. Monarch Butterfly Garden Blog- search our website by typing search terms into the ‘search this website’ box and hitting enter.

2. Building a Butterfly Garden- this high traffic facebook group is an excellent place to network with knowledgeable gardeners in your region with lots of photo and video sharing.

3. Grow Milkweed Plants- A facebook group dedicated to helping its members grow milkweed for monarchs

4. Butterfly Gardening – a second butterfly garden group to post your gardening questions

5. Attract More Monarchs- a digital gardening guide where I share 8 tips to help you attract more monarchs to your butterfly garden…and keep them there!