Caterpillar forms chrysalis on Poo Poo Platter?

This was an issue with the our round platters that we no longer sell in our shop. You will not have this issue with the fitted square platters:

If this happens, allow the caterpillar to form the chrysalis and let it dry for 48 hours. Then..

1. Turn the platter over to access the chrysalis

2. Spray the silk that's attached to the platter with water. Wait a few seconds, then use a toothpick or needle to pull off the chrysalis by the attached silk.

3. Rehang the chrysalis as illustrated here


4. Keep the chrysalis on the cage floor as illustrated here


5. Leave the chrysalis on the platter and place it on top of something so the butterfly will have adequate room to expand and dry its wings after eclosure. 5" of additional height is all you need.

6. To prevent this issue from happening in the first place try our new and improved poo poo platters which caterpillars are unable to form a chrysalis on...

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